First Time Buyer

We will never be able to buy our own home.”

Over the last 15 years, Steve Jones has helped dozens of first time homebuyers stake their claim.

To many first time home buyers, the purchase of a home can seem intimidating and even impossible…all those credit reports, the down payment, contracts and new vocabulary words you never thought you would ever have to know. It is enough to make you want to give up before you even begin.

Steve Jones has programs for first time buyers, and, as a result, he knows about many offers and lending solutions that some agents may be unfamiliar with. Better yet, Steve drops all that REALTOR speak and talks to you in first time home buyer language so that you fully understand the details of all the many options available to you.

Right now, Steve Jones has homes listed that you can potentially qualify for!

If none of these home are to your liking, you are welcome to join Steve’s homebuyer assistance program. At no obligation to you, you are invited to fill our a questionnaire that tells Steve what you are looking for in a home, including the down payments and monthly payments you would prefer to pay. He enters that into his database, and from that point forward, he emails you detailed printouts of new properties as they enter the market. No, I do not just limit your package of listings to what I am selling – that is extremely unfair to you.

From those listings, decide which properties interest you and drive past any of those addresses at your convenience. When you find properties you do like, just give Steve a call at 828-442-7204. He will then schedule an appointment to take you inside for a closer look or help you more closely evaluate the numbers. It all starts with a 30 minute time commitment from you – schedule an appointment.

If you are currently under contract with an agent, please ignore this page – it is not meant as a solicitation.