For Buyers

Steve Jones offers great benefits and services to real estate buyers!

I would like to introduce you to a number of exclusive services for buyers that not only pay attention to you, but also treat you to the friendliest, most professional, red-carpet service you will ever know. Let me explain just one service:

My Hassle-Free Home Buyer’s Assistance Program

Real estate tradition says that when an agent works with buyers, it is up to the agent’s discretion as to which properties you will see. In reality, your agent could be overlooking properties that would actually be of interest to you – but you would never know about them because you would never see them!

At my office, we have respect for the choices you would like to make in our real estate market. You should have extensive input on the type of properties you are interested in. Of course, you should be the one deciding which properties in our market you would like to see. So, I have come up with a better way to find the home or investment of your dreams with less time and money wasted!

At no obligation to you, you are invited to meet with me and fill out a detailed questionnaire that tells me what you are looking for in a home on investment property. I will enter your information in my database, and, from that point forward, I will send you detailed printouts every time a new home enters the market that matches your criteria. No, I do not just limit your package of listings to what I am selling – that would be extremely unfair to you! You receive a package by email of every new listing that matches your criteria.

From those listings, you then decide which properties are of interest, and simply drive by any of those addresses at your convenience. Believe it or not, you will probably eliminate half of what is on your list by driving through the neighborhood and looking around! When you find the properties that you do like, just give me a call. We’ll schedule an appointment to take you inside for a closer look or more closely evaluated the numbers.

That’s just the start of the process…..

I show you secret properties that no one else will ever show you! We just do not look in the MLS. We have different inventories to check in finding you secret properties at wholesale prices! Current expired listings, cancelled listings, withdrawn listings, for-sale-by-owner listings, old expired listings, “rumored” listings, new listings in our office not yet in the MLS, past client database solicitation, REOs, foreclosures, distressed properties, and other “off market” properties.

Pick up the phone and call me at 828-442-7204 for more information on my Buyer’s Assistance Program, along with the additional services that I have designed for my buyers.

Call Steve Jones, the Marion broker, who has found the perfect home for hundreds of buyers just like you.

If you are currently under contract with an agent, please ignore this page – it is not meant as a solicitation.