For Sellers

Circle The Best Answer:

When I sell my home, I will:
a) Choose an agent who gives me a pen or memo pad or is a member of an organization that I belong to
b) Choose an agent with the most documented results and solutions for my needs who also offers benefits that mean cash to the bottom line

It may sound ridiculous, but about two-thirds of all homeowners allow a real estate agent to solicit them into selling their homes with cheap give-aways or just chance meetings. I know your home is your single biggest investment in life. When you sell, you want top dollar with the least amount of hassle. The other agent may not be able to offer you an organized system of programs and marketing services to achieve that goal.

The next time a real estate agent solicits for your business, use this easy checklist to “spot check” the programs he or she should have in place for you.

1. How long has the agent been selling real estate in McDowell County and how many properties did he or she sell last year?
– Steve Jones has lived and worked in McDowell County area (except for the college years) for 40 years. He knows
the ins and outs of this community and has the contacts to help get the word out quickly about your home.
2. Does the agent follow the 3 Ps of real estate marketing (Put a sign up, Place an ad, and Pray) or does he or she have a multi-point marketing approach?
– Steve Jones has a huge array of marketing tools — ask for a copy of his marketing plan.
3. Does the agent have advanced, formal, real estate specific education?
– Steve Jones has earned the prestigious CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation, along with the GRI
(Graduate, REALTOR Institute). He also has a BSBA (Business) from Gardner Webb. Advanced education (with
experience) allows Steve to focus on your highest priorities, create innovative, no-nonsense marketing programs
that ensure attention to your property.
4. Is the agent comfortable with the new technologies to market your home?
– Steve Jones is well versed with new tech and is usually the first to use new technologies in the county. He
regularly attends the national real estate convention for innovative ideas, offers sellers mulitiple websites
(including a website for each home), You Tube videos, full virtual tours (not just pictures with music),
5. Will the agent ensure that they will communicate with the Seller after signing the listing?
– Steve Jones has a detailed, specific and timely follow up program. Ask for details.

If you are currently under contract with an agent, please ignore this page – it is not meant as a solicitation.