Helping Children With A Move

Helping Children With A Move

  • Show the children the new home and their new room prior to moving.  If this is not possible, pictures or videos will help them visualize their new home.
  • Assure children that you won’t forget their friends.
  • Make a scrap book of the old home and neighborhood.
  • Throw a good-bye party.  At the party, have their friends sign a tee shirt.
  • Have your children write good-bye letters and enclose their new address.  You may wish to call the other children’s parents so they will encourage return letters.
  • When packing, give them their own box.  They can decorate it so they know which one it is.
  • If you move far away, buy postcards when you stop so they can remember the trip.
  • When unpacking, allow them to unpack their treasures, then have them play with the boxes while you unpack.
  • Start a scrap book for their new home.  Include a diary of “My first……”
  • Visit their new school, park, church, etc.  Take a camera.
  • Help your children invite new friends to the house.
  • Let them choose a new favorite restaurant.  This will help them feel in control of their new world.
  • Encourage them to send letters to their friends about their new home.
  • Involve your children in groups, sports, and activities like the ones they used to participate in.


Remember even if you only lived in a home a few years, to a young child it is nearly their entire lifetime!